About This Project

I had a perfectly nice Wordpress portfolio already, but once I learned about the power of Ruby on Rails it was time to start from scratch. I decided to use an 18 column design grid - no content in the gutters here - and got to work.

This site is built around one main model - projects. Projects can be created and edited via a password protected admin area, made active or inactive (to be shown on the site, or not) and they are designed to be very user-friendly and easy to update.

On the home page the projects are displayed according to an order that can be edited from the admin area. Odd numbers in the order get the banner image on the left, description on the right, and even numbers get the reverse. There are validations to ensure projects always have a unique spot in the order upon creation.

Other features have been added such as Lightbox functionality for gallery images, custom urls based on the project name and custom alerts to replace the built-in dialogs. "Logout" and "Edit Project" buttons are shown on the page when I am logged in.

A work in progress, more to come!


  • Ruby on Rails
  • User Experience
  • CSS
  • Graphic Design