About This Project

After many years of wanting to do it but not being able to find the time, in May 2017 I enrolled in the full-time, three month web development bootcamp at Bitmaker. I had an amazing time and learned an incredible amount, culminating in my final project with teammates Vlad and Ju.

I have been a store owner on the Shopify platform for many years, at times designing and maintaining as many as six different shops at a time. I've always been interested in the Shopify third-party app marketplace, and suggested to the team that we build an embedded Shopify app for our project, which is what we did - in two weeks.

Pre-Order Factory (our app) allows store owners to create custom pre-order campaigns for any product - i.e., take orders for a product for a certain period of time and only make as many units as are ordered. The product page is modified with a progress bar showing units sold, how many left to sell until the minimum quantity is reached, and how much time is left until the campaign expires. The "Add to Cart" button is replaced with a "Pre-Order" button.

The project is a Ruby on Rails app that pulls in information about products and orders from stores via the Shopify API, combines that data with our pre-order campaign model, "Batches", and finally sends the batch data back to the customer-facing product pages, altering them with Javascript. Webhooks were implemented so that any time a new order is placed our database is automatically updated, with the product page being updated on reload.

Our team will continue to work on Pre-Order Factory, and we plan to release it in the Shopify App Store once it is up to snuff.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript
  • Shopify
  • User Experience